GGC Launches New Web-Series Project

GGC Launches New Web-Series Project

With the new spring semester well underway, GGC has launched a new web series on YouTube called GGC in :60, which will focus on giving viewers quick glimpses of life as a Grizzly. 

The series has been put together in partnership with Public Relations and the School of Liberal Arts. A new sixty-second video will be published and released bi-weekly. This project will highlight current events happening on campus. 

GGC in :60 videos are designed to give viewers a glimpse into GGC events, happenings, and people,” Jacqueline Todd, Director of Public Relations, said in a statement. “[They will] position GGC as an active campus community.”

The second episode, which debuted on February 15th, featured events and activities that took place on campus from February 1st through February 12th, including a brief segment about a Black History Month informational event. 

“I especially enjoyed the Black History Month footage I had taken this past week, and I had learned a lot from that,” Harrison Miller, another student intern, said in a statement to The Globe. “Overall, I think this opportunity is one of many toward my future in the entertainment industry, and I’m just truly thankful.”

Student interns of GGC’s Cinema and Media Arts Production (CMAP) program are producing the web series. As each episode is published, these interns have an opportunity to grow their resume. 

“I’ve been enjoying working on GGC in :60,” Patrick Cheek, a senior intern, said in a statement to The Globe, “because it is both beneficial to my personal goals as a CMAP major, and because I get to help show what types of activities are going on around campus.”

The series has also grabbed the attention of staff. Teresa Winterhalter, Dean of Liberal Arts, expressed her pride in everyone who is making this project a reality. 

“Not only will their bi-weekly episodes showcase the state-of-the-art work our students produce,” Dr. Winterhalter said. “It will also bolster our community relations by cameoing so many of the high-quality programs and degrees available to prospective students.”

Christopher Ingram, another student intern, summed up the feeling that GGC in :60 has stirred amongst students involved in the project, saying, “I’m having a great experience producing content for our Grizzlies!”

The next episode of this web series will be released in the beginning of March. Until then, the first two videos are available on YouTube.

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