AEC Donates Books to Students From Private Collection

A year ago, AEC writing tutor Susan Welch started a lending library where free books are offered to students for exchange at the Academic Enhancement Center in W building. 

Welch started the library a few years ago as a passion project in her neighborhood and then brought the idea to GGC. She bought a stack of books from a thrift store, and later, other members of the AEC staff started to pitch in. 

The kiosk has fiction books from many sub-genres like fantasy, adventure, and young adult. Textbooks and nonfiction books are not offered in the lending library because the AEC aims for it to differ from the Kaufman Library.

“I am just trying to get books out there so people read more. Because I have noticed that students [who] read more write better,” Welch said.

Books from the center do not have late fees, so anyone can take a book and share it with others with no obligation to return it by a specific date. 

“This resource is great for the community because it encourages reading, and it provides books that we might not have,” English major and a part-time student  Olivia Wright said. 

Many students do not seem to know about the lending library. 

“I didn’t know that we had a lending library at the AEC. I would love to be able to read some classic fiction novels,” English major Chene Williams said.

Welch hopes to see more books being borrowed in the near future.

“I hope that this will be open indefinitely, even if it comes to a point where I am no longer here,” Welch said. “I feel like there is enough support for it at the AEC [and] that someone else will take it over and keep it supplied.”

Thomas Shay, the writing coordinator for the AEC, hopes to have the lending library registered and available to the general public.

“The trouble with that line, though, is that we would have to build a kiosk somewhere on campus accessible to the public, and everyone knows how parking can get. So, for now, we plan to keep the exchange as it is,” Shay said.

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