GGC Men’s Soccer Coach DeCou Remains Hopeful After Surprising Debut Loss

GGC Men’s Soccer Coach DeCou Remains Hopeful After Surprising Debut Loss

The Grizzlies Men’s Soccer team started off the season with an eventful first few games. With wins, losses, and an unfortunate 0-0 debut, there is a lot to look forward to in this freshly started season. 

“We didn’t lose… But the initial reaction is not [a] happy [one],” said Head Coach Steve DeCou. “You have that many shots, you have that many opportunities. Not good enough. That’s a game we should have won easily.”

The men’s soccer team has eight starters from the spring semester back, and three of them were top scorers last season. 

“We feel good about that going into the season,” said Coach DeCou, about having those players back on the team. “Anytime you’ve got experience you feel more comfortable… but regardless of the experience you have to perform.”

When asked about his overall feeling towards the season, Coach DeCou said, “It’s a learning process so we’ve learned some valuable lessons in the wins and the losses.”

“Everything we are doing is in preparation for the post-season. Last year we went undefeated in the regular season, and didn’t come out on top like we wanted to in the postseason,” said Coach DeCou

However, he believes that there are a lot of good things to look forward to. 

“There have been enough positives as we look back to what they’ve done, what the boys have done thus far, as we look forward to what we need to do.”

“I like the guys where they are, it’s just, we’re in the middle of the learning (process),” said Couch DeCou.

When asked about the teams’ early, Coach Decou said, “Those are things we are still working through… We have some ideas, but I’m not going to say it because… when our opponents are [reading] The Globe, I don’t want them to be learning the dirty secrets on how they’re going to beat us.”

“The fans in the stands, the energy they bring, when we get the GGC fans in here they make this place a tough place for any opponent to have to come in here,” said Coach DeCou. “I can’t wait to see the stands full and everybody screaming, and cheering on the Grizz.”

Tickets for home matches are free for GGC students, all you need to do is show your Claw Card upon entry. 

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