An Alleged Victim Claimed Rape, but Police Investigation Proves Otherwise

An Alleged Victim Claimed Rape, but Police Investigation Proves Otherwise

GGC police concluded after investigation that an alleged victim falsely reported sexual assault.

On Aug. 12, 2021, a female victim reported that she was raped on the Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) campus while walking to her car at approximately 10 p.m.

“Female victim reported being hit from behind and then sexually assaulted in Building A parking lot. Victim unable to describe the attacker. Police investigating,” a GGC Rave Alert said in a text message. Rave Alert is the school’s emergency messaging system.

A couple days after the victim reported the sexual assault, Terrance Schnieder, Associate Vice President of Operations and Chief of Police, sent a mass email to the GGC community letting them know that “no sexual assault occurred on the Georgia Gwinnett College campus.”

The police ended the investigation and reported that the evidence provided contradicted the accounts of the alleged victim.

Overall, the victim “lied numerous times about the events that took place on 8-12-2021,” says the GGC Police Report, and as a result, the police labeled the case as unfounded.

“The last time the victim’s GGC account was authenticated [accessed/logged into] on campus was on 8-10-2021,” the GGC police report says.

According to the GGC Police Report, police “reviewed hours of surveillance footage from cameras overlooking the intersection of Collins Hill Road and Collins Industrial Way, the A-Building, and the exterior rooftop camera at the F-Building overlooking Collins Industrial Way and areas of the A-gravel [parking] lot.”

Neither the victim nor her vehicle were seen in the video footage, says the GGC Police Report.

The police also reached out to the alleged victim’s professor, who remains unnamed. He “confirmed…there was only one student present [that day in class]…but it was not the victim,” says the GGC Police Report.

It is important that the GGC community still be aware of the resources they have access to in case they find themselves in an active sexual assault situation.

When the police were asked what someone should do if they find themselves in an active assault situation, with no one around to help, the GGC police stated, “the goal of the person being assaulted is to survive.”

Upon survival, the GGC police recommend that the victim “report sexual assault, sexual harassment, and any other crimes to campus police as well as to the Title IX Office.”

“The Title IX Office has specific information on its website regarding GGC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. The webpage also provides contact information for the Title IX Office as well as provides an option to submit an online [application],” says GGC police.

If someone feels apprehensive reporting sexual assault out of fear that they will not be taken seriously, given the latest alleged sexual assault, the police assure that “[t]he police department as well as the Title IX Office take all reported crimes/allegations seriously.”

Another resource that the GGC community has access to is the “LiveSafe app, which can be downloaded on any smartphone or device, which is readily available at one’s fingertips,” according to the campus police.

Students and faculty are able to request safety escorts if they ever feel unsafe when on campus.

“Escorts to vehicles may be requested by calling Public Safety at 678-407-5333,” according to the Public Safety website.

For more information regarding GGC’s protocols and safety guidelines, please refer to

If you are a victim of sexual assault, please reach out to the Sexual Assault Hotline.

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