GGC Will Host Friday Night Lights Events in Hope of Building Community

GGC Will Host Friday Night Lights Events in Hope of Building Community

In hopes of bringing back community involvement, GGC will host three Friday Night Light events starting from Sept. 18th to Nov. 12th on the intramural fields from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. 

The Friday Night Lights events allow students to play different intramural sports while eating free food and socializing with friends. Some of the sports available include basketball, sand volleyball, and flag football. The Department of Wellness and Recreation hopes to use these events as a way to further build a sense of community post-lockdown. 

“Our slogan [is] c.o.m.m. and then UNITY in all caps, so that’s what it’s about,” said Carl Woods, the Director of Wellness and Recreation and Interim Director of Residence Life. “It’s about building [a] community,” 

This event is being revitalized after it lost traction back in 2019 with the rise of COVID-19. In years past, there were around 100 students in attendance. However, the Department of Wellness and Recreation expects 300 students at this event. As such, they plan to take precautions with the rising COVID cases. 

“Hopefully, you guys are aware the USG has, [and] are pushing us to return to normal,” Woods said. “So we’re back to normal and face masks are optional.”

 “We’re going to make sure we’re doing all the necessary things regarding cleaning and disinfecting,” said Woods.

Food will also be provided at each event, with some variety. The first event will have pizza, and at one of the following events, they plan to have a Waffle House truck.

“In regards to the food options, we’re going to do what we’ve always done. We are going to have gloves when we’re giving out food. We are probably going to add a mask so we are not breathing on people’s food,” said Mr. Woods.

There are three opportunities to attend the event this semester. The events will occur once a month with specific dates and times found on the GGC activities calendar.

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